School Library

The library is housed in a big room of 41’ X 30’ fully equipped. The number of books in the Library are 6500. The total number of magazines/periodicals and dailies is 30. Adequate furniture like tables and chairs are provided for the children. The books are stacked in almirahs. .

GameS & Sports

The Montessorie Cambridge School holds that a sound mind lives in a sound body. In order to keep our students fit we have made it compulsory for the students to participate in the games and General Fitness Programmes. The games like Table Tennis, Badminton, Baseball, Football, Throw ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Skating and Martial Arts, Karate, etc. are introduced. Special stress is also paid on athletics, particularly track and field events. Hosting of other activities are on the anvil.

Yoga Classes

Yoga as a system of physical exercise has been in existence in India since very ancient times . Through Yogic exercise one can achieve excellent health besides mental ecstasy.MCS is providing yoga classes in the school run by an expert Yoga coach

Science Lab

The school has well furnished the field of biology, physical science as well as biochemistry laboratories in which frequent practicals are definitely performed for every young ones starting class IX ahead.

Computer Lab

The lab is meant for the device backed understanding provided with L.C.D. projector and Multi-Media Software. The Montessorie Cambridge School has 3 Computer laboratories and each laboratory is equipped using 30 work stations plus host involving LAN to provide communication plus web office. Workstation research tend to be required starting Nursery to XII. One of the search services coddles students understanding C++, Visual Basic and Oracle for courses XI & XII and one lab is devoted to IX & X exactly where they study WEB CODING and DHTML.

Interactive classes

The School is running Interactive Classroom Classes by NIIT, Delhi from K.G. to XII.

Art & Craft

Creativity is really important for basic development of the child. At Montessorie Cambridge School, the youngster is trained capabilities in Art & Craft as an strategy in order to update his or her ingeniousness. The school similarly contains the workplace of the various craft and art room on both facilities, in which the changed advanced interests of the students are definitely handled, in the direction and guidance of entirely prepared school teachers.


The School is housed in a newly built double storey building having 42 rooms with a separate block for School office cum reception. Separate science labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and composite Science lab for secondary exist of size 30’ X 20’(600 sq. feet) and fully equipped. Besides a Computer lab. of size 600 Sq. feet, Maths Lab, Social Science/Language lab and other rooms for music/dance, art, sports, playroom and Splash pool for tiny tots are provided.Library cum reading room of size 41’X 30’ is available. A vast playground for volley ball, basket ball, badminton, Kho-Kho, a composite ground for hockey and football with a running track of 200 meters. Provision for indoor games like Table tennis also exist.

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